Small Groups

Sunday School 
Getting connected at First Baptist Church means participating in a Sunday School small group. They provide a setting to build dynamic relationships and apply biblical principles to daily life. Your small group will be the people who will encourage, support, and care for you. At FBC-Freeport, our goal is to be a church of small groups rather than a church with small groups. In other words, it’s through small groups that the ministry of our church is lived out.

The following is a list of several small groups who are ready to connect with you and your family:

Small Group                                Leaders___________________________________________

Babies – 2 years old                     Mary Jane Solis, Kelsi Garcia, & Alice Carr

3, 4 & 5 year olds                         Tammy Myers

1st – 2nd graders                          James & Olga Philp
3rd – 4th graders       

5th – 6th graders                           Patty Conch

7th – 8th graders                           Ronnie & Karen Pena
9th – 12th graders    

Men                                              Hobby Bilderback

Ladies                                           Martha Sue Westbrook & Dolores Knox

Couples                                        Mason Howard & Lino Guerra